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Nepali Girl, Nepali Model goes nude: Aishika Chand

18/09/2009 13:11

Today I am going to post about this Nepali Girl known by the name Aishika Chand. She is half nepali and half indian but that does not matter to us that much. It's the body of this smokin' nepali girl that matters more. Well I have never seen nepali girls that expose that much and this nepali girl aishika chand must be the most sexiest one of them all.

Nepali girl hot aishika chand nepali model goes nude

Here are a few images of this hot nepali model and a nepali girl unsensored:

Nepali Girl 1 Nepali Girl 2 Nepali Girl 3

Nepali Girl 4 Nepali Girl 5 Nepali Girl 7

Nepali Girl 8 Nepali Girl 9 Nepali Girl 10

Nepali Girl 11 Nepali Girl 11

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